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Technoplasmatic - Underwater Technoplasmatic - Underwater

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Yep, amazing as always!

This REALLY reminds of your other song Awaiting, is there any reason for that, or did it just happen? xD

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TastyTeo responds:

Actually the saw bassline is the most basic instrument, i use it in most of my songs

8-Bit Townloop 8-Bit Townloop

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like it.
I have to say, it wasn't exactly CATCHY, but the melody is cute and it's definitely something you'd like to finish listening to.

Also, if this was rushed, as you say, then great job!

==(Solace)== ==(Solace)==

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I keep listening to it again and again, it seems to be so perfect...
No one can blame you for the time it took, 'cause it's surely worth it!

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Buoy responds:

From now on, when I don't really have anything intelligent to come up with as a response to reviews, I shall post (alleged) quotes about space made by famous people. First off, Einstein:

"Space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind union of the two will preserve an independent reality"

I Heart 8-Bit I Heart 8-Bit

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I love it...

This is the best song I ever heard on Newgrounds. I really like it.
It's very simple, but you used the sounds in the best way someone could use them.

Great job!!!

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Everything is Floating Up Everything is Floating Up

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really good!

When I saw the title I thought that the song had something to do with IT (The Clown). You know, "YOU'LL FLOAT TOO" or something like that. But I must say that this is better than IT.

Great Song!!!