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5 Years on NG

2014-10-18 16:50:43 by Minchy64

Well, here we are. 5 years. 5… fuckin’… YEARS!!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I decided I wanted to make crappy sprite animations! It feels like yesterday I was working on Stupid Thwomps on the floor, with a trackpad, and no knowledge on animation whatsoever. And yet I had fun. The thing got blammed, as it was a REALLY bad 10-15 second frame-by-frame sprite movie of Mario killing some enemies and then getting cornered by randomly falling Thwomps. I didn’t even know things could get blammed at the time, so I was like “what the fuck happened to mah moovee?”. Then I begun “working” on other short things, like Yoshi’s Ball ’n’ shit. I felt proud at the time, now if I look back at these movies I legitimately wonder how I got away with posting such horribleness. But I do remember having a ton of fun making them, sometimes even working with friends by my side, and they were like “dude this is so cool! add this random thing!” and I did. I was only just starting to discover the limitless storytelling possibilities animation offers.

But let me take a step back, to when I didn’t know Newgrounds yet. Let me take a step back to when I was, I don’t know, nine? Eight? I don’t remember exactly, but I do remember I started browsing the internet at a pretty young age, probably not an appropriate age, but hey, now I’m here. I loved Mario at the time, so I watched a lot of the so called “bloopers” on YouTube. You know, the ones before gaming videos exploded, the ones where people actually told stories out of game footage. I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I loved these things, and at the time, I wanted to make my own. I had my own stories to tell.

Someday, while I was browsing through these “bloopers” I ran into my first ever sprite movie, SMB: Game Over by Yoshi-1up (the link is to NG, but I actually saw it on YouTube first). My mind was blown. That wasn’t game footage! How the hell did they make that? Animation, right, but how? I eventually found out it was called “Flash Animation”. I looked all over the place trying to find a version of Flash that I could use, but couldn't get it to work. So I started experimenting with Photoshop, since my parents used it for work. I didn’t know it could actually animate at the time, so what I did was rip some sprites myself from a fan made PC Mario game called Super Mario War or something like that, create tons of individual images and then blend them together in QuickTime 7 to create a movie. I don’t even remember how the hell I managed to do that, but I did. And the result was satisfying, so satisfying that I was already beginning to think of making more, but then I realized that the amount of work needed (and disk space required) was just too much. So I completely stopped working digitally, took my camera, and started drawing things on paper. Then I recorded the drawing for a second or two (yes, recorded, for some reason I didn’t feel like taking pictures), erased it, and drew the next frame over it, then edited the segments together in iMovie ’06. And so I made my first cartoons. Well actually, not my first, as I had been experimenting with animation already at, probably six or something, but they were flip books. This time I was actually recording stuff.

Holy shit, this is getting really long. Better go back to NG. So, I discovered Newgrounds in late 2008/early 2009, through another Flash game site called Y8. I had noticed the NG logo on some of the games over there, and since the ones with that preloader were usually the best ones, I one day randomly clicked the tank, and BOOOM! NEWGROUNDS DOT FUCKIN’ COM, BITCHES!!
It was just awesome. My interest in making my own sprite movies, or just animation in general, was reborn. I’ll be honest, I was pretty much exclusively into sprite movies at the time, but I sometimes stumbled across things like Legend of Miyamoto (which I had actually seen on YouTube before as well) which were and are just bloody awesome. Then I found Yoshi-1up here too, and watched his other movies, then Bigfoot3290, and the great Psycosis91. And then, at last, I found Super Mario Bros. Z, which I’m sure you’re all familiar with. That was the thing that REALLY got me looking for a working Flash. So, in the end, I found it. I finally downloaded Flash, and started making things. And yet, even though SMBZ was the thing that had inspired me to finally begin, I didn’t want to make something similar to that just yet. I wanted to make comedy, like Yoshi-1up. So I tried. Did I succeed? No, looking back at them, none of my movies were actually funny, but who cares? I had FUN! Then as time passed, I started being more directly inspired by Alvin-Earthworm’s work.

Whew, anyway. As time passed I made all the things you can see here if you want. I doubt that, and I don’t recommend it either. I’m embarrassed of some of that shit. D:
And then, in about 2012, I got tired of sprites. I had an open project (yes, Shadow’s Powers), and I couldn’t bring myself to work on anything else until that was finished, but, problem is, I couldn’t bring myself to work on that either. So it just became procrastination, and a few smaller projects on the side. Life wasn’t going to well at the time either, in 2011 I had an illness which kept me inside for 3 months, and then my grandma got cancer in 2012, miraculously fought it for two years and then died at the beginning of 2014 (that really destroyed me, as she was very close to me). And a bunch of other things, but you know what, I won’t go into personal life here. DIS IS TEH INTRANETZ!! So yeah, I then made Da Turner Sketch, which was a ton of fun to make, and I like to consider that my last sprite animation, even though the 3rd part of Shadow’s Powers came out after it. I’m not sure why I’m writing about these crappy animations, as most people reading this will probably have no idea what I’m talking about, or who the hell I am in the first place. :P

And now? What now? Well, now that I’m done forever with sprite animation, I gotta do ACTUAL animation! Between 2013 and 2014 I’ve developed quite a lot of interest in ACTUAL animation. In fact, I only last year started really watching people like HappyHarry, Egoraptor, Jazza and so on. Before, sure, I had seen historical stuff like Tankmen in 2010, and the Madness series in late 2011 (yes, while I was locked inside for 3 months), but I never really felt like these type of things were the ones I wanted to make. The person who really, REALLY got me into it was HappyHarry. That guy’s work is just awesome. I fuckin’ love him. Anyway, I started trying to learn art. Initially at Draw with Jazza, but then I got the opportunity to take a 2 month drawing course at an actual school, so I took it. I’ve definitely improved thanks to it. I mean, I’m still shit, but I’ve improved.

Well, I think I’m done. I have an animated short coming up fairly soon (my first ACTUAL animated short). It’s not any brilliant, the poses are wrong and I’m not skilled enough to fix them (yet), but it’s just an experiment I suppose. I also do feel like I’ve skipped some pretty important stuff, for some reason, but you know what, this post got too long. Who’s gonna read the whole thing anyway? xD

So, let the next 5 years here be even better (or just better in general)! And more importantly, more productive. I feel like I could’ve done a lot more, and that’s not a feeling I want to have 5 years from now (holy shit I’ll be 21 then yay so exiting). 2014 was and is a bit of a weird year for me, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to release more than 2 shorts by 2015, but I’ll do my absolute best from now on.

Cheers! *drinks a bottle of champagne*

Supporter Upgrade

2013-10-07 13:29:48 by Minchy64

So, as soon as I heard about the NG Store closing, I decided to go gather all the money I had left and go buy a shit ton of stuff. And I thought to myself: why not get rid of the ads and support NG at the same time?


JESUS CHRIST! It loads like, I don't know, a thousand times faster now? So yeah, if you have the chance and are, like me, a NG lover, you should DEFINITELY go Supporter. Thank you for existing, Newgrounds!

Oh, and yeah, the Ultimate News Post thingy was probably the dumbest idea I've ever had, so I got rid of it. Also, to the very few people that actually care about the third part of Shadow's Powers, it's done. Now, I'm gonna abandon sprites forever (or for a long time), and head over to Draw with Jazza and try to learn the "real" animation and art. And I'm not saying that sprite animation isn't good, it's just that you have to do it correctly for it to be fully entertaining, and very few people can do that (one of 'em begin "The Sprite Animator", Mark Haynes aka Alvin-Earthworm, who is thinking about rebooting his series, and OMG I'm so excited).

The Ultimate News Post

2012-10-23 06:28:32 by Minchy64

Yep. I don't know about you, but I hate making news posts, because I never actually have something to keep you updated with. Not that I have SOMEONE to keep updated, tho'. xD
Anyways, I had an idea: why not make only one more post and then just edit it over time? Oh, well, why not? Along with my current Newgrounds project, you'll be able to see the evil video game that is currently stealing my time. Under that, I'll put a "Mini News Post", in which I'll write some extra stuff to let you know that I'm not dead. Yeah, now all this doesn't make sense at all, but I'm just too lazy to constantly create new news posts.



So, nobody probably cares, but I'm delaying the last part of Shadow's Powers... again. I'm currently working on an animation featuring Sketch Turner, a guy from an old game called "Comix Zone". I was asked to include him in a flash by this guy, who has a NG account as well, but hasn't posted anything, so I guess he'd be happier if I link his YouTube channel.
The animation is nearing completion, so it won't take that much before it gets uploaded. By the way, check out Half-Life, both of 'em. They're great.

W00t! Nice redesign!!

2012-02-09 15:33:15 by Minchy64

Tom & Co. really did a good job! I love this new design.. obviously there still are some bugs, but they'll get fixed.
I hope that renaming Movies, Games, Audio, etc. will be implemented, since I have to fix some stuff (I know that I'm a manic perfectionist, so don't complain). Also, they should implement to delete projects too.

Anyways, what happened to the "Work in Progress" chat? :|
That would have been really fun to have here on Newgrounds!!

Anything else to say? Hmm.. no, I don't think so. Just that Shadow's Powers - Part 2 is out. I know that this first part was a little boring, but it was necessary, or the story would have been confusing!

Flash: a boring/funny animation program

2010-06-01 09:02:33 by Minchy64

Help! I can't work on my flashs! OK, I can, but all the videogames I have are stealing all the time I'm supposed to use for my flash animations.

You never had this problem? Well, I have it now: I just got SPORE and I play it more and more. Everyday, when I get home from school, I think: "I must continue my flashs." and after that I think: "NAAAH! Flash is boring, let's play videogames." and I do so.

Well, with that I mean: my flashs will take more time than they normally do, so while you waiting take a look at my favourites.

See ya later!

Coming soon...

2009-12-07 03:00:02 by Minchy64

Ok, now it's the last episode of "Yoshi's Ball" on Newgrounds.
It's the longest flash I made, but it isn't perfect.
The next one will be a short "Christmas Flash", and I think it will come online December 24th...
Oh, and if you have some suggestions for my flashs just write them in your comments.


Yoshi's Ball

2009-11-27 13:20:42 by Minchy64

Hey everyone!
Sorry it takes so much time for "Yoshi's Ball Ep.3", but I just bought New SUPER MARIO BROS. WII, and I think it's a great game...
The next episode of "Yoshi's Ball" comes MAXIMUS Tuesday December 1st !!!
Hope you like it!